by Charlotte, over 1 year ago

Here at the mouth of the Leith we designed with the theme of 'connect to the sea'.

We've linked enhancements with the DCC's new shared pathway bridge and improved connections with already existing pathways and access.

Key features:

  • Improve existing access along the true right bank
  • Tidy area and plant suitable native plants to soften fenceline
  • Connect to existing pathways
  • Create safer access points along bank
  • Potential 'destination space' at end.
Cross-section adjacent from marina:

Photorealistic image take from right bank looking upstream:

Photorealistic view State Highway 88 - Harbour

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Consultation has concluded

Peter over 1 year ago
I agree with the improvements. The rock armouring will provide flood safety but also allow natural processes at the stream edge, such as colonisation of the rocks by tiny plants and animals, and habitat in amongst and behind the rocks for water creatures and reptiles. Allowing and encouraging people to the area will ensure that people see their river and take better care of it rather than treating it as the "town drain" as has happened in the past.
Alison over 1 year ago
How are we going to stop the rubbish flowing into the moana?