by Charlotte, about 2 years ago

Here we've followed a 'natural stream' theme, and included native plantings on a naturalised embankment to improve the environment.

It was important that we enhanced connectivity with other parts of the Leith, and create spaces for the community. This mirrors previous works completed upstream.

Key features:
• Removal of the centre wall to create a single meandering stream (some sections will remain to support bridges)
• Embankment on true right side with native riparian plantings
• Connected shared pathways near the water level with access ramps. Floodable during high waters
• Flexible use spaces for seating or artwork.

Cross-section adjacent to Riego St:

Photorealistic image taken from footbridge looking upstream:

Photorealistic view Forth St - Anzac Av

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Consultation has concluded

Peter almost 2 years ago
I don't understand what the plain grey area shown is mant to indicate but if it is just the existing bare concrete floodway I disagree. I would like to see this become a natural stream bed of shingle or gravel, or a flood plain of grassy vegetation, or paths of course because human access is good too. I support retaining some of the existing concrete walls as shown because they have historic value (in spite of being trather unattractive) I don't support allowing graffiti to remain on these walls so close to the river as it involves industrial chemicals when it is applied (paint) or removed (paint stripper) both of which are harmful to stream life. I would like to see the concrete walls colonised by mosses, lichens and ferns and this could be encouraged by drip irrigating them with stream water gravity fed from upstream. I agree with the natural stony and grassy edge to the stream, as opposed to the straight concrete kerb-like edge used upstream of here which allows no stream edge habitat to form. Please allow grassy plants to overhang the water to encourage whitebait to lay their eggs.
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