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Measuring clarity (turbidity) at Mill Creek

by Julia.Charity, 10 months ago

What is turbidity?

Turbidity is the cloudiness or haziness of the water and is a key measure of water quality. 

Water can contain particles of many different sizes, which are usually invisible to the naked eye.

Why is measuring turbidity important?

Turbidity can be caused by growth of phytoplankton or high sediment levels from construction and agriculture. Other activities affect turbidity too, like sediment entering the lakes during wet weather.

In lakes, high turbidity levels can reduce the amount of light reaching lower depths, which can inhibit growth of aquatic plants and consequently affect species which are dependent on them, like fish. 

We've started measuring turbidity in Mill Creek, near Lake Hayes

Mill Creek is the primary inflow running into Lake Hayes. 

We are measuring turbidity so we can see how much sediment is coming into Lake Hayes from Mill Creek as that will have impact on the water quality in the lake. 

At the end of August 2018, we installed a turbidimeter to measure turbidity every 30 minutes at Mill Creek. Below is a snapshot of early data. 

Data is being measured every 30 minutes every day, and updated in real time. 

Click here to see the latest measurements. 
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