Message from your Councillors

by Charlotte, over 1 year ago
Your councillors


Greetings and welcome to our consultation on the long term plan 2018 - 2028.

Future-focused thinking is at the heart of what we do. With a vision to deliver a sustainable and prosperous future for Otago, all that we do in caring for Otago’s environment is geared to enable communities to thrive, today and far beyond.

To be able deliver on this vision, we need a clear plan as our roadmap. We’ve factored our best knowledge and assumptions about what’s around the corner into our plan for the next ten years – and now we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Have we got it right? What should we be changing to ensure a sustainable and prosperous future for Otago?

We know that political positions and community expectations about how the environment is managed are changing. We know that our climate is changing. We know that demographics are changing in Otago, especially with the significant growth we’re seeing in Queenstown and surrounds. We know from recent research that the threat of major seismic events in Otago is very real. We know, that with technology and other changes to how people work and live, it’s important that we ‘work smart’ and stay ready for new challenges and opportunities.

With all of these factors in mind, we’ve brought together a draft plan for 2018-2028. Our work programmes and budgets are more detailed for the next three years, with less emphasis on the following years.

As Councillors and staff of the Regional Council, we have a responsibility to use the best information we have to map out a path forward – but we need to hear from you, Otago.

Your Councillors


Graeme Bell, Andrew Noone, Stephen Woodhead (Chair), Michael Deaker, Ella Lawton, Trevor Kempton, Sam Neill, Doug Brown, Bryan Scott, Gretchen Robertson (Deputy Chair), Carmen Hope, Michael Laws

Consultation has concluded