If I have feedback on the plan, how can I share it?

There will be multiple forums for communities across Otago to speak with councillors and staff directly on areas of specific concern for them – look out for information on the ORC Facebook page, your local community newspaper, and our events calendar.

You can also provide your feedback here. YourSay provides a year-round forum so you can let us know how you think ORC should be working towards a better Otago.

Why isn’t ORC doing a formal consultation process for this year’s Annual Plan?

Because there are no significant or material changes to the Long-term Plan, a formal consultation is not required. However, we are still keen to hear from you and keep you informed with what’s happening. 

How much will my rates be?

How much will my rates be?

We have a rates estimator for a breakdown of your rates bill, including targeted rates. It also compares your upcoming rates with last year’s – check it out.

What will be the difference in ORC’s income from rates?

Annual Plan 2018-19

Long-term Plan forecast total

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-20

General rates income




Targeted rates income




How much is ORC spending, and on what?

This table shows next year’s proposed budget compared to this year’s budget, across ORC’s activity areas.

Annual Plan 2018-19

Significant Activity

Proposed Annual Plan 2019-20




-  Planning

-  Strategies










-  Water

-  Air

-  Coast

-  State of Environment

-  Biodiversity

-  Pests









-  Governance







Flood Protection & River Management

-  Flood

-  Rivers





Safety & Hazards

-  Emergency Management

-  Hazards







Total Expenditure


What other sources of income contribute to the total proposed budget?

Funding Source

Percentage of total income

General rates


Targeted rates


Fees & charges; grants




Port Otago dividends; investment interest