The money - how much and on what?

We’re responsible for public transport in Otago and provide services in Dunedin and Queenstown. We offer the Total Mobility scheme to meet the needs of people unable to use public transport. We also facilitate wider transport projects in Otago.

$1,000,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase reflects improved work conditions for our bus drivers. We have also ensured resource to improve our Passenger Transport and Land Transport Plans.

We are also consulting on the Wakatipu ferry trial. If you live in Queenstown, submit online from 14 April on
We have a responsibility to lead and work with our community regarding our natural environment. This involves facilitating the sustainable use of our water, land, air and coasts. Protecting our unique biodiversity, pest management, state of environment monitoring and reporting, and incident response.

$452,000 decrease* from 2019-20 budget

*decrease is due to large reduction in grant funding for the wilding pine programme. There is a $576,000 increase on biosecurity work compared to 2019-20 budget.

Safety & hazards
To ensure our communities are kept safe, we identify and monitor natural hazards. We also respond to flood events and support Otago Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

$345,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase reflects our continued commitment in this area.

Governance & engagement
Our democratic decision-making process and the community-elected councillors ensure everyone’s voices around Otago are heard and that leadership is provided for the benefit of the region.

$933,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase largely reflects our support to the district plan reviews that other councils in our region are completing.
To look after the environment, we need to regulate its use. As regulators, we process resource consents, develop and set rules for how a natural resource can be managed and check that these rules are being complied with.

$2,100,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase reflects the reset of our approach to freshwater, ensuring we can meet Otago’s needs for resource consents and monitoring. We are looking at extending our current Harbourmaster activity to include Lake Dunstan. To prepare for this change we will amend our Revenue and Financing Policy so we can fairly allocate rating in the future.
Flood & river management
Many of our urban and rural communities are in low-lying areas close to rivers, and livelihoods rely on being able to use the land. Our flood protection schemes help to protect people and properties from floods; our drainage schemes help to maintain the productive capability of the land and waterways.

$1,200,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase reflects the reassessment of existing schemes and their infrastructure to ensure they are fit-for-purpose into the future.

Regional planning
Our regional plans set out policies and rules for sustainable use of natural and physical resources of the Otago region, including water, land, air and the coast.

$1,900,000 increase* from 2019-20 budget

*increase reflects the resetting of our regional planning programme.

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