Why change the routes?

    We have received feedback from passengers who use the existing services with common concerns around the need for some passengers to wait on the bus at the terminus before they can travel to their destination.

    We are proposing to simplify the routes, as well providing buses travelling in each direction instead of driving in a loop in the same direction.


    What is the change?

    Currently, if you catch the 44 or 55 between the hub and St Kilda they are exactly the same and from Bay View Road all the services travel in the same direction from the King Edward Street, along Bay View Road, East Avenue, Hargest Crescent, Richardson Street, Moreau Street, Victoria Road.  At the terminus the bus stops and then waits to get back to town, going along Victoria Road to Prince Albert Road and into town. 

    This means someone in Richardson Street, for example, needs to get on the bus on its way to the terminus, wait on the bus and then carry on into town. Or someone living on Prince Albert Road must wait on the bus until after the bus has waited at the terminus before they continue on to their home. 

    Under the proposal, the 55 from Brockville will come from the city along Prince Albert Road to the terminus on Victoria Road and will return the same way. 

    The other route, the 44 from Halfway Bush, will turn from King Edward Street onto Richardson Street, then go via Plunket Street to the terminus on Victoria Road and will return the same way. 

    This means you can get on or off the bus without needing to wait at the terminus. 


    When will my bus go? Will the timetable change?

    The timetable from the hub and from the terminus will not change.  The individual times at stops along the journey will be scheduled and advertised if the proposal is approved. 


    Will my bus company change?

    The bus route will continue to be operated by the same Orbus contractor as it is currently (GoBus).


    Does the bus do a U-turn?

    When a service arrives at the terminus it will change head sign and do the return journey for the opposite route number just as it does it now.  Buses will no need to physically turn around and to complete the return journey but on some parts of the route you will only see the 44 and other parts you will only see the 55.

    What about school kids?

    People have asked about how school students will get to town if buses are removed from Bay View. Those who currently catch the bus from Bay View Road into the city will be able to catch the same bus by walking to Richardson Street or they can catch the number 8 from Macandrew Road departing at the back of the school.

    Does the timetable change?

    As to services, there will be no reduction in services. Every bus that currently departs the hub towards St Kilda will still leave the hub according to the existing timetable.  Half of them will stay on Prince Albert Road to Victoria Road then Plunket Street and Richardson Street back towards the hub.  Every second bus sill turn into Richardson Street, travel via Plunket Street to the terminus, down Prince Albert Road to the hub.

    Where will the bus stops be?

    We are engaging with landowners that may be affected by new bus stops so cannot yet confirm exact locations. 

    On Prince Albert Road we are planning for one or two bus stops to pair with existing stops on the city-bound side of the road. 

    On Victoria Road we are planning for a Terminus stop on the other side of the road and near to the existing terminus. 

    We are planning for a stop to pair with the existing stop on Richardson Street and another stop on each side of the road further along Richardson Street. 

    We are planning to install one stop on either side of the road in Plunket Street. 


    What happens to my feedback?

    Your feedback and suggestions will be considered and assessed with best practice policies, public transport design principles and road use and classifications.  Planning staff at the ORC collaborate with staff from the DCC and the bus operators to explore the best outcomes.

    We may also seek independent advice.

    If the community is in favour of the change we will work with the DCC and the operator of the service to implement the change and will advertise the change date to the community (see below).


    How do you make a decision?

    The proposal is being considered alongside other options by planning staff at the ORC and DCC, with input from the bus company.  Consideration has been given to public feedback received to date, public transport design principles and road use and classifications (e.g. residential roads vs. more major roads). 


    Can I speak to a hearing on this?

    At this stage there are no hearings scheduled for this matter as it is not a significant change as defined by the Regional Public Transport Plan (RPTP). 


    How and when will I hear the outcome?

    We will update members of the community who have provided an email address about next steps around April 6th . Otherwise information about route changes will be posted on the ORC website, social media and The Star Bus Talk column.